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Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Release date August 4th (Xbox Live)

August 11th (

Ratings NR

Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun is a small film series directed by Keiji Inafune, available on Xbox Live and It is not available in the PlayStation Store.


The movie is described as a "First Person" film seen though the eyes of a handicapped boy named George, as he and his brother Shin try to escape the zombie infection in Japan.

After being turned down by three different safehouses, the two boys try to take refuge in a warehouse for the night, but they are greeted by a group of unfriendly survivors lead by Takahashi, who rob them and proceed to kick them out of the warehouse. However, after Shin engages in combat with the group, the group decides to give Shin a major beating, later resulting in Shin's death, and George attempts to evade them. Soon George is ambushed by the goons and is repeatedly beaten by Takahashi, until a car crashes into the warehouse.

The crash has killed several people, including one of the thugs. Mary, a nurse, climbs out of the wreckage and finds George in his wheelchair. The two proceed to flee from the oncoming zombies and surviving thugs. After searching for some Zombrex, they find a safe house where Mary leaves after insulting George. George, finally seeing she is right, "gets his balls back" and makes a modified wheelchair. Mary, elsewhere is being threatened by Takahashi to tell him where George is, or he will release a zombie on her. After not complying, he releases the zombie onto her, but she quickly escapes to another floor of the warehouse, with Takahashi and Dan behind her. On the second floor, Dan and Takahashi are ambushed by zombies, with Dan fleeing to save his own skin, his ultimate fate unknown.

Finally catching up to Mary, Takahashi starts beating her before George arrives in a modified wheelchair. George and Takahashi battle, with George being the winner, and Takahashi dying at the hands of his now-undead girlfriend. George and Mary continue looking for Zombrex, but while distracted, George gets bitten in the arm. Continuing down a small path, they find a small group of zombies, which they are able to kill, at the cost of George's wheelchair. Finally, they find a small room with a few boxes with Zombrex. The pair inject themselves with Zombrex. It is left unknown what happens to George and Mary afterwards.

In the extended ending which is included on disc with the special edition of Dead Rising 2, it is revealed that Mary dies shortly after injecting herself with zombrex due to blood loss. With George being shot by a sniper (Dan, who went insane) after leaving the warehouse.


The movie was released on Xbox Live and on the following dates:

August 4, 2010 1,2,3 Xbox Live
August 11, 2010 1,2,3
August 11, 2010 4,5 Xbox Live
August 18, 2010 4,5
August 18, 2010 6,7 Xbox Live
August 25, 2010 6,7

September 3, 2010

(Original Release Date

August 25, 2010)

8 Xbox Live
September 1, 2010 8

The movies are also available on a disc that comes with the Zombrex Edition of Dead Rising 2 in North America (Xbox version only).

The American English language dubbed version is written, produced and directed by William Winckler of Winckler-Oya Inc.

The American voice-over cast includes Caleb Pearson (George), Bryan Forrest (Shin), Beth Ann Sweezer (Mary), Nate Joyner (Takahashi), William Winckler, David Gerrold, Don Glut, Larry Butler, Alison Lees Taylor, Marieve Herington, George Lindsey Jr., Jason Barker Avellino, and others.


Main CastEdit

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Minor CastEdit

The film has a number of minor/supporting characters. Below are those who have speaking lines/relevance to the film. Click on a link below to be brought to the page of one of the film's minor characters.


  • Dave is wearing a Servbot t-shirt which is a recurring figure seen in Dead Rising and the Mega Man series.
  • In one of the flashbacks, George is seen playing Dead Rising 2. This is sort of inward reference, as in the game world, the events of Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 are reality while Dead Rising Sun is a film made by the producers of Zombrex; Phenotrans.
  • In another flashback, Mary is seen talking with another nurse about Terror is Reality.


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