830px-Dead rising skills zombie ride

Zombie Ride is a skill in Dead Rising.

It allows Frank to climb onto a group of zombies and walk on top of their heads, allowing him to reach higher places as well as avoid the zombies underfoot. To perform this skill, run toward a zombie and hit the A button just before you make physical contact with it.


  • You'll never get bit while using Zombie Ride, but you can still get scratched.
  • Walking 33 feet while using Zombie Ride will reward you with the Zombie Road achievement.
  • You can't attack while using Zombie Ride, making you defenseless against psychopaths and defected survivors.
  • You can perform the Knee Drop skill after jumping off a zombie, making it useful for when you have to quickly get from the second floor of a plaza to the first without having to jump over the rail by directly touching it and take damage. This is useful especially in infinity mode.

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