Zombie Genocide Master
DR2 A 04 Zombie Genocide Master
Description Killed 72,000 zombies. King of carnage!
Trophy/Points Value 20 G

Zombie Genocide Master is an achievement/trophy in Dead Rising 2.

It is unlocked by killing 72,000 zombies in one playthrough.


  • See Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder for the most common ways to kill zombies.
  • Since the game has 72 in-game hours of gameplay, you will have to kill 1000 zombies per in-game hour to get the achievement. (In actual fact, the player has slightly more than 72 hours.)
  • Unlocking Overtime Mode will grant a time extension to finish the achievement. In other words, players who are struggling to complete this achievement should complete all of the game's case files, since the time they take to complete is far outweighed by the additional time they give.