Zombie Exterminator
DR2 CZ 05 Zombie Exterminator
Description Killed 1,000 zombies. Where do they keep coming from?
Trophy/Points Value 20 G

Zombie Exterminator is an achievement in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. It is unlocked by killing 1,000 Zombies.

This must be done within one playthrough, and because the game only takes place over a 12-hour period, the player may have to dedicate one playthrough towards this achievement. 


  • When Chuck loads the bike frame into the Utility Cart during Case 0-3: Broken Bike, you will have the utility cart until it is brought back to the Safe House. The cart is indestructible and will never break, so this is a good opportunity to farm the achievement. You can run over zombies until you have the achievement, which should take about five or six in game hours. 
  • You can slice through large groups of zombies using the Broadsword found in Bob's Fish 'n Hunt. Once you have access to the store, you can fill your inventory with broadswords and proceed to kill zombies until the swords break. This process can be repeated until you have the achievement.
  • You can buy the Moosehead from the Still Creek Pawn Shop for 500 dollars. Chuck can wear it and charge through large groups of zombies. This method is expensive, however, as it costs 500 dollars each time it is purchased. There is also a Moose Head in Bob's Fish 'n Hunt.