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Dead Rising
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Zombies in Dead Rising 3.

Zombies are people infected by mutated wasps or other zombies, either through stings or bites, appearing in all games in the Dead Rising series.

Their only purpose is to find, infect, and devour humans. They were previously human beings who were infected with the parasitic larvae of an unknown experimental wasp. Zombies are rather fragile and easier to kill than uninfected humans.

When bitten by a zombie it takes on average around 24 hours to become one, though it varies greatly from person to person, and can sometimes depend on where the person is bit (for example, a person bit in the neck will transform within seconds and this is shown in Dead Rising 2, while an arm bite may take longer). However, if a person is bitten by more than one zombie multiple times, then this may quicken the process.

The only exceptions are perhaps Frank West and Chuck Greene, who both sustains many bites from zombies over the course of the game and never become a zombie, and Nick Ramos, who is immune to the infection. This is meant for gameplay purposes, but Isabela notes that Frank does have a high resistance to the infection. Gretchen Peregrine explained that a bite needs to be somewhat deep to infect a person.

Types of ZombiesEdit

There are several types of zombies that are different than the normal ones.

Dead RisingEdit

  • Carrier zombies have a Queen wasp on them. These carrier zombies are often easy to spot, for they stay in one place reaching upwards as if trying to grab something (presumably the Queen on them). Their only attack is to violently vomit blood on Frank if he gets too close, causing him to have a coughing fit and be left vulnerable. If the carriers are killed, the Queens will detach from their hosts. Frank may capture the Queen wasp, then kill it, eradicating any zombies in the immediate vicinity, with the exception of other carrier zombies.
  • Fat zombies are bulkier than normal zombies and have more health.
  • Cop zombies have the most health of any zombie. They wield either a handgun or a nightstick.
  • Knife-wielding zombies are zombies in open, yellow Hawaiian shirts that usually wield hunting knives. They are black and have both ears pierced. They have about as much health as a fat zombie.
  • Construction worker zombies wear construction hats, and are immune to any kind of strike to the head.
  • Cart zombies are found pushing shopping carts around. They are typically fat female zombies. While they are still holding on to the shopping carts, they do not pose a threat to Frank or other survivors, but they still approach them as if they were hostile.
  • Propane tank zombies are found pushing the portable version of the propane tank. While they are still holding onto the propane tank, they do not pose a threat to Frank West or other survivors, but they still approach them as if they were hostile.
  • Male zombies bigger, stronger, and more durable than female zombies, but faster than fat zombies. These with the female zombies are the most common zombies.
  • Female zombies take less damage to kill than male zombies. Thin female zombies will bite Frank in the groin while fat female zombies just attack Frank normally.
  • Zombie James is seen after defeating Cletus Samson in The Gun Shop.
  • Zombie Survivors are found when survivors being escorted are killed by zombies. After a cutscene of their death, they will be found at the spot they previously was. This includes any main character that can be escorted, for instance Isabela Keyes. Some of the zombie models commonly found in crowds are those of dead survivors, usually from the beginning Entrance Plaza outbreak scene.
  • Zombie Brad is encountered after Case 7-2: Bomb Collector.
  • Zombie Jessie is encountered after completing all cases, and can be found in the security room. If a photograph of her is taken, you obtain the Snuff Shot J achievement.
  • Zombie Barnaby is seen in a cutscene in Case 6-1: Santa Cabeza trying to zombify Jessie, and can be found in Infinity Mode.

Dead Rising: Chop Till You DropEdit

  • Zombie Cliff is a variant of a zombie armed with two Machetes.
  • Zombie Jo is a zombie with two different variants. A blue shirted one is equipped with two stun guns and a brown one is equipped with one stun gun and one handgun
  • Zombie Kent is a zombie version of photographer Kent Swanson.
  • Zombie Animals are animals that have been turned into zombies. Examples of zombie animals are parrots and poodles that resemble Lindsay Harris's dog, Madonna.

Zombie ModelsEdit

Dead Rising zombiesEdit

Dead rising zombies twins

Zombie quadruplets

There are less than thirty different zombies in Dead Rising. It is not uncommon for Frank to be attacked by quadruplets (the same zombie generated four times together). Below is an attempt to photograph all of the zombies in Dead Rising, with unofficial nicknames.

Dead Rising Zombie QualitiesEdit



Zombies at night

At night, zombies become more aggressive. This can easily be observed in any zombie due to its glowing red eyes during this time or by looking at zombies near a Queen that has its eyes red as well. Zombies can also take much more punishment at night. For example, a Level 50 Frank can jump kick a normal zombie, killing it in one hit. At night, however, it takes two kicks. Between 7pm to around 7am daily, zombies are aggressive with more endurance and red eyes. If Frank stays on one load screen, the zombies never lose their red eyes and evening aggression.

Unlike Dead Rising, zombies in Chop Till You Drop are weaker at night.


Using a Rat Stick at level 1, one of the weakest weapons in the game, a player can determine precisely how strong zombies are in comparison to each other. Frank at level 50 kills the zombies much faster. For example, it takes 6 hits to kill a fat man with a rat stick at level 50, and 15 times at level 1. Nighttime is at 7:00 pm every day, when the zombies eyes become red, making them "stronger, faster, and much more violent"[1]

Zombie Hits to kill
Level 1 Level 50
Sun Day Moon Night Sun Day Moon Night
Dead rising zombies woman in purple Thin
7.5[2] 15 3 6
Dead rising zombies green hat blue jacket Thin
10 20 4 8
Dead rising zombie fat woman red shirt shorts and glass Fat
10 20 4 8
25px Fat
15 30 6 12
Dead rising zombie hawian hunting knife Hawaiian
18 7 14[4]
Dead rising zombie handgun police officer Cops
20 40 8 16
25px Raincoat
est. 30[5] 12 12
Dead rising Special Forces Special
est. 100[6] 40 40

Zombies Killed BonusEdit

After completing the game, Frank can earn more Prestige Points depending on the number of zombies killed over the course of 72 hours in the mall: v · d · e

Zombie Killed
in 72 Hour Mode
0 0
1 100
100 1,000
500 2,000
1,000 8,000
2,000 10,000
3,000 15,000
4,000 20,000
5,000 25,000
6,000 30,000
7,000 35,000
8,000 40,000
9,000 45,000
10,000 50,000

Survivor LookalikesEdit

Sometimes Frank may see a zombie that looks like a survivor but recolored and zombified. Zombies who look similar to survivors include:

Survivor Death ScenesEdit

If a survivor's health is fully depleted from attacks by zombies, one of death scenes is triggered showing him/her being killed by the zombies in a gruesome manner.

If you go to where he/she dies, you can see that he/she has risen as a zombie and will behave accordingly. The notebook will also list him/her as Undead. This works for all survivors and psychopaths.

If the survivor's health reaches zero for any reason other than being attacked by zombies, then he/she will simply lie there, not rise up, and be marked as Dead in the notebook. See the video to see the different death scenes. There is a chance that a survivor's death scene from a zombie attack will include them carrying a pistol (even if they're not carrying one when they die) and committing suicide rather than being eaten, they then appear as dead instead of undead.

For some reason, in Dead Rising 2, the death scenes only play in certain locations,[Verification needed] and are difficult to trigger.


  • Frank can interact with zombies through the load screen doors/entryways, shooting them, throwing items at them, etc.
  • Zombies ignore cult members, possibly because their outfits mask their human smell, or the cult members were already infected but not yet turned.
  • There are less than 30 different zombie models in Dead Rising.
  • Zombies make an appearance in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, in a stage based on the Entrance Plaza. Frank also has attacks that summons zombies to aid him in battle, much like Jill Valentine in Marvel vs Capcom.
  • In the beta version of Dead Rising, there was another type of knife-wielding zombie which wore a dark green Hawaiian jacket.[Verification needed]



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  3. Including zombies with hard hats
  4. Some of these zombies require only half the number of hits (7) at night. It is not understood why.
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