Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder
DR2 A 03 Z-Genocider 2 Genocide Harder
Description Killed 53,596 zombies. You left them all for dead!
Trophy/Points Value 20 G

Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder is an achievement in Dead Rising 2.

It is unlocked by killing 53,596 zombies in one playthrough.


  • It is recommended to get the Driving magazine from the BBQ Shack in Americana Casino and the dirtbikes to increase the durability of vehicles. After a vehicle has broken, exiting the area and entering it again will cause any vehicles to respawn.
  • Use Quick Step while traveling on foot.
  • Ignore missions; focus only on driving throughout the 72-hour period.
  • If you need additional time outside of the 72-hour time limit through the regular story, complete all case files to unlock Overtime Mode.