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Wine (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Wine
Type Food
Health Health Health Health Health Health
Found Seon's Food & Stuff
Chris' Fine Foods
Cardboard Boxes
Dead Rising Food
Dead Rising
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Wine is a food in Dead Rising.

It heals five bars of health. It can be found in Seon's Food & Stuff, Chris' Fine Foods, and in Cardboard Boxes.

Dead rising wine zombies hit by bottles

Throwing wine causes the bottle to shatter. If thrown at a zombie the bottle will kill it.


  • There are at least nine types of wine bottles, the only difference is their appearance. All of the bottles but one are found exclusively in Seon's Food and Stuff.
Description Description
Dead rising Wine Wine found around the mall Dead rising wine yellow Pinot Grigio
Dead rising wine (7) "Two Buck Chuck" Dead rising wine (6) Champagne
Dead rising wine (4) Zinfandel Dead rising wine (3) Sangiovese
Dead rising wine (2) Merlot


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