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Water Gun (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Water Gun (Dead Rising 2)
Type Firearm
Uses 30
Strength Joke
Location Fortune City
Fits in Inventory Yes
Dead Rising 2

The water gun is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. On its own, it is virtually useless for anything other than pushing a zombie back a step or two.

It is one of the gifts Chuck can give Katey.

The gun can be combined with a fire extinguisher to make a Snowball Cannon, or with a gasoline canister to make the Flamethrower.


Dead rising water gun main
  • Main: Tap X/Square to shoot the water gun.
    • Aim: Hold down the Ltrigger trigger to go into aim mode, then tap X/Square or pull Righttrigger/R2 to shoot at a manual target.




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