In Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Dead Rising 3 when the player or survivors are sick they vomit. The player can vomit when:

  1. He drinks too much alcohol, such as Whiskey and Beer.
  2. He eats spoiled food, usually found in garbage cans, such as a Spoiled Hot Dog.
  3. He drinks the Randomizer.

Zombies slip multiple times on vomit, similar to weapons such as cooking oil are broken open.

Alcoholic BeveragesEdit

Dead rising Beer Beer Dead rising Beer Hat Beer Hat
Dead rising Drink Cocktail Drink Cocktail Dead rising Vodka Vodka
Dead rising Whiskey Whiskey Dead rising Wine (Dead Rising 2) Wine


  1. Fausto Vargas in Case Zero
  1. Kristin Harris
  • If the Drinking magazine is in the players inventory, drink excessive alcohol will not make the player sick.
  • Vomit has different colors, where Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record has yellow vomit, Dead Rising 3 has green.



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