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For the Dead Rising 2 subterranean area see Underground
For the Dead Rising tunnels, see Maintenance Tunnels

The Underground Tunnel is a small tunnel located beneath the Holding Pens in the Phenotrans Facility in Dead Rising 2: Case West.

The tunnel can be accessed by two doors, one in the Storage Bay and the other at the incinerator in the Harvesting Room. Both doors are locked, as scientist Regina Dee holds the key, which she will not give out until she receives some organs she wishes to sell. She warns Chuck and Frank that she saw a crazed scientist, Mizuki Tanahara flee into the tunnel.

Upon investigation, Mizuki can be found blabbering and acting insane in front of a maintenance room. After Chuck or Frank beat him up, he flees the facility to safety.



Dead rising dont startle the witch
  • There is a reference to Valve's Left 4 Dead series. On the wall, scrawled in blood is "Don't startle the wi-" with bloody handprints on the wall. Below the message is a vent leading to the sewer, with a woman's cries and sobs echoing. This is a clear reference to the Witch, an infamous zombie enemy in the Left 4 Dead series.



Dead rising 2 CASE WEST map underground

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