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Toy Laser Sword
Dead rising Toy Laser Sword
Type Melee
Uses 50 hits
Location Ye Olde Toybox
Child's Play
Children's Castle
Dead Rising
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The Toy Laser Sword is a weapon in Dead Rising. It often swipes twice with one tap of the X button. When a zombie is hit with the sword, it falls down.

Dead rising toy laser sword vs no sword Dead rising toy laser sword vs no sword (2)

If Frank has the toy laser sword in his inventory, the toy possibly extending Frank's vision in the dark. Frank doesn't even have to have it equipped as his weapon he is using at the time, the toy laser sword will illuminate anyway.[1]

The Toy Laser Sword is noticeably lighter than Frank's unaccounted for glow. Its durability can be increased with the Hobby book.


  • It is a very effective weapon in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, killing a zombie in one hit.
  • The Mega Buster toy is twice as strong as the Toy Laser Sword and Rat Stick. If Frank shoots a thin lady zombie at level one, it takes only 4 hits with the mega buster to kill the woman, but 8 hits with the Toy Laser Sword and Rat Stick.
  • The Toy Laser Sword appears to be based of the Megatron's Energon sword from Transformers, as it bears a similar appearance and even has a Decepticon symbol on it.


  1. Dead Rising: Weapon Guide, GameFAQs, (November 2, 2006).

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