Thirst Quencher is a single-player Sandbox Challenge in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Location: Atlantica Casino

Prerequisites: 2,000 kills

Mission: Drink as much alcohol as you can in 3 minutes!


  • Gold (30 drinks)
  • Silver (15 drinks)
  • Bronze (10 drinks)



  • To achieve the Gold medal, maximize your inventory then find and pick up Drinking magazine. Alternatively, find the pieces of the Sports Fan Outfit to help prevent Frank from vomiting. After that, fill the rest of inventory with alcohol and start the challenge. Run towards the poker room (where the mission High Rollers is passing), close the doors to prevent zombies interrupting you and start drinking. After you run out of alcohol, pick up the drinks in the poker room and drink them. Run to the opposite room (where World's Most Dangerous Trick takes place) and repeat the process. If you still do not have the required number of alcohol beverages try Sipparellos bar.
  • The Beer Hat does not count towards this challenge.

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