The Set-Up
Location Los Perdidos Police Department / Los Perdidos Court House / Sugarfulls Candy Store / Colombian Roastmasters
Previous Mission Poison Payload
Next Mission Background Check

The Set-Up is the seventh Smartglass mission in Dead Rising 3.

It will appear after Nick meets up with Red and Annie at The Burgess-Dawson. This mission can only be played if the Xbox One Smartglass app is connected to the game.


Jamie calls Nick and explains that the police tried to frame his brother for selling Zombrex on the black market, simply because he stood up to them. For his brother's sake and his father's (whose weak heart might fail him if word of this framing gets out), he asks Nick to go to the Los Perdidos Police Department and look for evidence of what the police did. After Nick goes to the evidence locker, Jamie comments derisively on all of the dead cops before asking Nick to go look around the surrounding areas for the evidence carried by specific zombie cops. A group of them is found in the Los Perdidos Court House, one is next to the Sugarfulls Candy Store, and one is at Colombian Roastmasters. After grabbing the third piece of evidence, Nick will notice that it says "Jamie Flynt" on it, but is interrupted by Jamie thanking him profusely, ending the mission.

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