The Impossible is Possible
Dead rising Chop Till You Drop second amendment The Impossible is Possible playthrough
Difficulty StarStar
Item Stock Sniper Rifle
Enemies 75 zombies
Location Wonderland Plaza
Mission Number 8
"There's a ton of zombies out there, Frank! There's not much time, but try to take 'em all out. I know you can do it!"

The Impossible is Possible is a second amendment mini-game in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.


Frank must quickly kill 75 zombies. It is easy due to the large number of gas canisters in the area.

Shoot the furthest canister on the left side, it will activate a chain reaction, eventually killing all of the zombies. Just take that one shot quickly.[1]



  1. Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop - Second Amendment, S Ranks (Missions 1-10) (1/2), Youtube, (July 7, 2009).

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