The American Historium
Deadrising2 2010-10-01 16-02-30-98
Store Number A103
Location Americana Casino
Survivor(s) Dean Wayne
Scoop(s) Shell Shocked
"Let us help you find that perfect gift. We have the largest selection of hard to find, one of kind and truly inspiring items for that special someone. Catch the winning fever with our non-stop gaming action. Whether you are a one-armed bandit or the king of poker, our lively rocking atmosphere will leave you in awe. At the Americana Casino, winning is all of the fun. "
—Map Description

The American Historium is a clothing store in the Americana Casino in Dead Rising 2.

Survivor Dean Wayne, an Army veteran with a limp, can be found in the store during the mission Shell Shocked, requesting assistance in evacuation to the safe house.




  • American Showman Helmet
  • American Showman Jumpsuit
  • White Leisure Suit


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