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Tesla Ball
Dead rising Tesla Ball
Type Combo Weapon
Description Throw this electric orb at a group of zombies, stand back and watch the light show!
How to Make Bingo Ball Cage + Battery
Strength Great
Speed Fast
Location Tinkerbox
PP 350
Fits in Inventory no
Dead Rising 2

The Tesla Ball is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2. It is created by combining a Battery with a Bingo Ball Cage.

When used to hit zombies, a huge electric shock is administered. When thrown, it will zap any zombies and Survivors that it rolls by. It can be found in Tinkerbox for $35,000 each.

The official guide describes the Tesla Ball's attack as: "Swing attack and a heavy, throw attack that electrocutes nearby zombies for a short period of time."[1]

Attacks and Combo CardEdit

Weapon component locationsEdit

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons needed to make the Tesla Ball.

Dead rising Battery

Location icon Alleyway next to Ed's Friendly Barber Shop

Location icon Americana Casino Cashier and Vault Area
Location icon Americana Casino - Maintenance Room 28 across from Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack
Location icon Fortune Park - Maintenance Room 12 (1) (inside) center grotto
Location icon Royal Flush Plaza - Maintenance Room 2 in the back (wheelchair right side of Tunemakers)
Location icon Silver Strip - Maintenance Room 14 Entrance to Fortune Park
Location icon Slot Ranch Casino Cashier and Vault Area
Location icon Underground - Warehouse A Maintenance Room 29
Location icon Underground - North tunnel Maintenance Room 31
Location icon Yucatan Casino Cashier and Vault Area
Location icon Uranus Zone (1)

Bingo Ball Cage
Dead rising Bingo Ball Cage
Location icon Silver Strip - One Little Duck Bingo (N102) (Only location)


Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with
  1. Speaker
  2. Bingo Ball Cage
  3. Giant Dice
  4. Tesla Ball



  1. Stratton, Stepehen (2010). Dead Rising 2 Prima Official Game Guide. Prima. 

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