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Terror is Reality
Type Game Show
Member(s) Tyrone King (host)
Amber Bailey (co-hostess)
Crystal Bailey (co-hostess)
Chuck Greene (contestant)
Leon Bell (contestant)
Numerous other contestants
Location Fortune City Arena
Affiliate(s) Phenotrans
Website(s) Unknown

"Zombies, they took our Willamette, they took our Las Vegas, but tonight, America, tonight it's time for a little payback! It's time for America's most dangerous game show! Its time for TERROR. IS. REALITY!!"
—TIR Announcer, Tyrone King

Terror is Reality is a entertainment show that involves contestants battling it out in a race to kill more zombies than their opponents, with large cash prizes for the winner. Chuck Greene reluctantly takes part in the show in order to earn money to buy Zombrex for his infected daughter. It is hosted by the flamboyant Tyrone King, who is ably assisted by his two glamorous co-hosts, Amber and Crystal. Like a modern day gladiatorial contest, those lucky enough to get a grandstand seat urge the contestants to spill more zombie blood, with over the top takedowns greeted by rapturous applause and the promise of slow motion replays on the arena’s jumbotron. The show is highly controversial and numerous groups are contesting it, feeling it is unfair to treat the unfortunate infectees as a means of sick entertainment. Stacey Forsythe is a member of one of these groups. Due to the number of zombies killed per show, and the limited amount of them gathered from the outbreaks, there has only been five or six shows in three years, and its rarity makes it a much anticipated show by the rest of the US, after news of an outbreak.


Contestants, start your engines.. and chainsaws.

Dead Rising 2 allows players to experience the carnage of Terror is Reality with a series of multiplayer challenges for up to four players via online play. Whether you're jumping into giant hamster balls and mowing down the undead; seeing who can place the most drill buckets on zombies’ heads, or taking to the arena on a motorbike with chainsaws for handlebars, the challenges will feature exactly the kind of over-the-top action and humor that Dead Rising is known for. Adding to the competitive nature of these events is the ability to prevent your opponents from scoring, ensuring fierce rivalries as competitors fight dirty to claim victory.



TiR annoucing

There are certain rewards for playing the Terror is Reality mode online. There are 3 Achievements/Trophies, 3 Clothing items and 1 weapon that can be earned from the online mode.


  • Rising Star: Easily unlocked by getting first place in any of the 9 events.
  • Win Big!: unlocked by getting first place overall in a match. If the player doesn't do so well during the previous events they can try to make up for it by doing well in Slicecycles which give the biggest rewards in money.
  • TK's Favorite: unlocked by having had been in 1st place in all 9 events. This can be difficult depending on what events the player has troubles with. The best way is to use strategies from guides and to practice. It should be gotten while going for the TIR outfit.


  • Champion's Jacket: unlocked by getting first place overall in a match. This clothing is gotten at the same time as Win Big!
  • TIR Helmet: unlocked by earning 1,000,000 dollars. If a player averages 50,000 a match it'll take 20 matches to get it.
  • TIR Outfit: unlocked by earning 5,000,000 dollars. If a player averages 50,000 a match it'll take 100 matches to get it.


  • TIR Moosehead: unlocked by earning 10,000,000 dollars. If a player averages 50,000 a match it'll take 200 matches to get it.

Known ContestantsEdit

Chuck wins a match

TiR XVII: PaybackEdit

TiR XVI: Dead, White and BlueEdit

  • Contestants: Pedro Weeks, Terry D. Good, Klaus Albrecht, Adam Schrödinger
  • The Hype: Politicians swap the campaign trail for one of terror
  • Winner: Pedro Weeks

TiR XV: Summertime SufferingEdit

  • Contestants: Vic Johnson, Blaise Davide, Everett Mire, Scott Caverly
  • The Hype: Thanks to Volleybomb and Spit Take, life's a beach for the undead
  • Winner: Everett Mire

TiR XIV: Man's Worst FriendEdit

  • Contestants: Gregory Bordon, Rick Scott, Roland Andrews, Eduardo Esteban
  • The Hype: Contestants go wild with zombie birds and animals
  • Winner: Eduardo Esteban

TiR XIII: Street FighterEdit

  • Contestants: Elizabeth Horikawa, Fred Santos, Sankhit Sahleel, Mark Naron
  • The Hype: TiR takes to the streets of Fortune City for some urban uproar
  • Winner: Elizabeth Horikawa



  • While playing TiR online, Don, one of the announcers, will say "Hey, Paul isn't that your old neighbor Bill?" which maybe a reference to one of Left 4 Dead main characters, Bill Overbeck. It could also be a reference to the game Zombies Ate My Neighbors.
  • During events Don will also talk about participating in the show, referencing that he has participated in this show at some point in the past.
  • Coupled with that Don makes statements about "back in [his] day" during certain events, one of them being Bounty Hunter, making the show seem even older than it is, even though it is only four years old by the time of Dead Rising 2.
  • TiR XIII: Street Frighter may be a reference to Street Fighter, a game series also made by CAPCOM.
  • Frank West claims he is not a fan of TiR in Case West after killing a zombified Tyrone King, yet he is a contestant on TiR in the what-if story Off the Record.
  • While playing TiR, Don occasionally makes a remark about this year's competition being a "Real Thriller". Paul will reply with "Speaking of Thriller, is that zombie who I think it is?", which is a reference to the popular pop song, Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'
  • Each game takes place in a specific round. The first round is always either Zomboni or Ramsterball. The second is Pounds of Flesh, Bounty Hunter, or Ball Buster. The third is Master Shafter, Stand-up Zomedy, or Headache. The fourth is always Slicecycles.
  • Second and third-round games are almost invariably paired. Pounds will be followed by Shafter, Hunter will be followed by Zomedy, and Headache follows Ball Buster.
  • Terror Is Reality makes a brief appearance in the beginning of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record as an in-game tutorial, but is not playable due to Sandbox Mode being the alternate gameplay mode.
  • In the comic series Dead Rising: Road to Fortune, it's revealed that Frank West played a small role in the creation of Terror is Reality. After learning from his agent Clay Hurlton that his talk show had been cancelled in favor of 'real reality' TV, Frank angrily tells him "You wanna know what REAL reality is?! TERROR is reality, that's what!" Shortly after hanging up, Clay gets in contact with TK (another of his clients) and pitches Frank's tirade as his newest idea.
  • As of Dead Rising 3, it is unknown what the status of the show is, or if it's still going. It is briefly mentioned in the meusem, and Nick Ramos' coveralls have a "Terror is Reality label on them.
  • Terror Is Reality is based on the American competition show American Gladiators. Frank's TIR uniform from Off The Record bears a striking resemblance to the uniforms worn by the contestants on the show.


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