Actor Kiyohiko Shibukawa
Nate Joyner (English VA)

Takahashi is the owner of the warehouse, the main setting in Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun. He also serves as the main antagonist.


A low ranking yakuza, Takashi was in charge of guarding the warehouse with his henchmen Dave and Dan. The contents of the warehouse were mostly electronics, but also contained a sizeable stash of Zombrex.

When the outbreak began, the trio, along with Takashi's girlfriend Emily took refuge in the warehouse. they eventually lost contact with higher ups. 

With his two goons, Dave and Dan, and his girlfriend Emily, Takahashi robs Shin and George of all their belongings and money, and attempts to force them out of the warehouse by gunpoint. However, Shin attempts to overpower them, and in the end, Takahashi shoots Shin, killing him.

While pummeling George, Mary's group crashes into the warehouse, killing Emily and Dave. He and Dan then run to find Mary and George while simultaneously fending off zombies.

Later, after locating and torturing Mary, George later confronts him with a modified wheelchair. His ear is cut with a power drill, his face is badly burnt, blinding him in the process, and his ankles cut during the fight.

In a pathetic attempt to flee, he later runs into his zombie girlfriend, who ironically bites him in the crotch, killing him.


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