Dead rising Sword
Type Melee
Uses 20 hits
Location Ripper's Blades
Cultists' Hideout
Dead Rising
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The Sword is a weapon in Dead Rising.

It is an antique blade originally sold as a decorative display, but has since become an effective weapon in the zombie outbreak. Its durability can be increased with the Criminal Biography book. 


  • Primary: Tap the 360 X button button to slash forward with the sword. This attack is capable of bisecting zombies.
  • Jump: Tap the 360 X button button while mid-air to perform a vertical slash. This attack is capable of bisecting zombies.


  • Throwing the sword usually results in one arm or leg of the zombie being cut off, and the zombie dying. If thrown at close range the zombie is usually decapitated.
  • The sword is used in Infinity Mode by Tad Hawthorne, and Sophie Richards.
  • When the sword is equipped as the primary weapon, Frank cannot perform the Jump Kick attack. Instead, attempting the Abutton + 360 X button command will cause Frank to perform the jump attack with the sword.[Verification needed]


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