Super B.F.G.
Dead rising Super B.F.G. 3rd
Type Firearm
How to Make Blast Frequency Gun + Amplifier
Uses 15
Strength Great
Speed Fast
PP 100
Fits in Inventory Yes
"Fire this powerful sonic device at a zombie, it'll blow their minds!"
—Combo Card Description

The Super B.F.G., called the Mystery Super Weapon before Dead Rising 2's release is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, made by combining an Amplifier with a Blast Frequency Gun.

The official guide states: "Most powerful gun in the game. Shoots a large shock wave that can take out a massive amount of zombies in one shot."[1]

See the page Blast Frequency Gun for the location of the Blast Frequency Gun.

This combo weapon has been described as:

"There's only one combo weapon you cannot get in the first two days of gameplay and it's this mystery super weapon.[2]

Attacks and Combo CardEdit

Weapon Component LocationsEdit

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons needed to make the Super B.F.G..

Blast Frequency Gun
Dead rising Blast Frequency Gun

Location icon Underground Main Tunnel

Location icon Underground - Secret Lab

Dead rising Amplifier
Location icon Atlantica Casino Main Floor

Location icon Palisades Mall - Entertainment Isle (P114)

Location icon Palisades Mall - Robsaka Digital (P213)

Location icon Royal Flush Plaza - Tunemakers (R105) (∞)

Location icon Silver Strip - Maintenance Room 17 between Pub O' Gold (N107) and Shamrock Casino (N106)

Location icon Underground - Maintenance Room 32 left of Secret Lab

Location icon Underground - Warehouse C Maintenance Room 33


  • A BFG can be located in the Underground before the failed military rescue after Chuck has chased TK on the train.
    Enter the Underground from the entrance in the Royal Flush Plaza, once Chuck is down go counter clockwise around the track and it will be on the first large raised section with the Servbot Masks on.
    Once Chuck has it head back up to the Royal Flush Plaza to Tunemakers which has a Maintenance Room in the back and a large stack of amplifiers next to the Maintenance Room
    Chuck can now build the Super B.F.G.
  • During the fight with Sullivan, he seems unaffected by the Super B.F.G.[Verification needed]
  • The abbreviation "B.F.G." is a reference to the Doom Series, however, unlike in Dead Rising 2 in which the acronym stands for Blast Frequency Gun, the Doom acronym originally meant "Big Fucking Gun" (according to the Doom motion picture the acronym stands for "Bio Force Gun").[Verification needed]



Dead rising 2 blast frequency gun

Dead rising 2 blast frequency gun


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  3. If the blast hits any living human characters, it will cause them to keel over and vomit for a moment.[Verification needed] It is the best weapon for clearing a path through a crowd of zombies.