Stuffed Bear
Dead rising Stuffed Bear
Type Melee
Uses 20 hits
Location Gramma's Kids
Jamming Juvenile
Child's Play
Kids' Choice Clothing
Small Fry Duds
Scuffs and Scrapes
Paradise Plaza
Dead Rising
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For the Dead Rising 2 weapon, see Robot Bear.

The Stuffed Bear is a weapon in Dead Rising, found in toy stores and children's clothing stores.

When a zombie is hit with a stuffed bear, it does not fall down. It is commonly found in toy stores like Child's Play. It is not a very powerful weapon and its attack speed is very slow. It is best when thrown because it is capable of hitting a lot of zombies at once.

It cannot be stored in Frank's inventory. Its durability can be increased with the Hobby book. 


Dead rising bear

Dead Rising 2 start cutscene bear

*The stuffed bear is shown in Lost Planet 2 as an unlockable clothing item in multi-player.
  • A robotic version of this item is found in Dead Rising 2.
  • A blue version of it can be seen in the Dead Rising 2 "Welcome to Fortune City" start cutscene, although it can not be found in-game.


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