""Livestock is sorted and herded through receiving pens then placed in holding pens where they are held until further processing is required. Necessary products and equipment are also stored here.""
Phenotrans Facility Map

The Storage Bay is a location within the Holding Pens in the Phenotrans Facility in Dead Rising 2: Case West.

The storage bay is a large, open space where the zombies are kept in smaller holding cells that are monitored by security cameras and locked with electronic doors. Conveyor belts with removable walls are used to guide zombies through the storage bay to other parts of the facility.

In the center of the bay is the Security Tower. Many items and equipment, useful as weapons, can be found in the storage bay.

The Harvesting Room can be accessed via a large door, which has broken down during the outbreak, so zombies and human can travel to and from the harvesting room to the storage bay at their desire. The Loading Bay is located next door and there are stairs that lead to the Security Outpost, Shipping Office and catwalks above for personnel to watch over the bay.

An emergency exit leads to the Living Quarters, but is locked, with the key being in Lisa Hersey's possession.

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