Still Creek Savior
DR2 CZ 01 Still Creek Saviour
Description Saved all the survivors in Still Creek. So much work in such a short stay!
Trophy/Points Value 20 G

Still Creek Savior is an achievement in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. This achievement is unlocked by saving all 10 Survivors in Still Creek.

Note: This can be done across multiple playthroughs. 


Speak to Bob Blackrock for information on survivors in Still Creek. 

  1. Dick Jones - Will appear outside of the Safe House after bringing the bike frame back from the Quarantine Zone. Own's the Pawn Shop.  
  2. Fausto Vargas - Appears with his wife Gemini in The Dirty Drink. Chuck must give him two beers before he will join.
  3. Gemini Vargas - Appears with her husband, Fausto in The Dirty Drink. 
  4. Nikki Valentino - Very hung over, appears in the Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley with Tia Hernandaz. 
  5. Tia Hernandaz - Asks you to bring her friend Sharon back to the bowling alley before she will join you. Found with Nikki Valentino.
  6. Sharon Riesinger - Found at the Quarantine Zone. Chuck must give her a dose of Zombrex before she'll join. Must be carried back to her friends Nikki and Tia before they will join.
  7. Archie Eaton - Found with Jason behind the hardware store. Requires Chuck to bring him a Broadsword before he will join/give Chuck the bike handle bars.
  8. Jason Wong - Found with Archie, will follow with Archie.
  9. Darcie Blackrock - Located inside of her Dad's store. Reunite her with her father and bring them back to the Safe House.
  10. Bob Blackrock - Gives Chuck information about survivors, is shooting zombies from a rooftop near the Brockett Gas Station. Is desperately trying to find his daughter. After reuniting him with his daughter, they will follow you to the Safe House. He will be the last survivor that you will recruit.

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