Stiff Back is a single-player Sandbox Challenge in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Location: Palisades Mall, grotto 2nd floor.

Prerequisites: 750 kills.

Mission: Collect as many massagers as you can in 3 minutes, and bring them back to this challenge kiosk!


  • Gold (40 massagers)
  • Silver (25 massagers)
  • Bronze (15 massagers)


  • Gold: $60,000
  • Silver: $30,000
  • Bronze: $15,000


  • Despite the fact that this challenge is one of first unlocked, it is quite tricky, humorous and very hard in order to achieve the Gold medal. Here is some tips, that can help you make it:
    • First of all find and pick up the Juice Boost magazine. Afterwards, go to Hot Excitorama and fill the rest of your inventory with massagers. Then go to the Palisades Mall and drop all of them under the challenge star and the magazine somewhere nearby.
    • After that go to the Leigh's Fine Liquor on the second floor and fill your inventory with Wine. Return to the grotto's bar on the first floor and use a blender to make several Quickstep drinks. Pick up the Quicksteps and drop them on the second floor, near the magazine.
    • Take one Quickstep and magazine, drink it and drop mag at the same place, then quickly pick up all the massagers and start the challenge (you will need to do that because after the start all the massagers in this location will disappear and new ones will spawn).
    • Drop them again, and then jump from the second floor to the first and begin to collect the massagers. Start from distant massagers, fill your inventory with them and run back, drop them, pick up another Quickstep and magazine, drink and drop magazine again, then fill your inventory with massagers again. Repeat this process until the clock runs out. 
    • As with any challenge that requires long-distance running, the Sports Fan outfit provides a helpful speed boost which stacks with the aforementioned Quickstep drinks. 
  • Another sound method is to get the Quickstep and Juice Boost magazine, then head to the start point of the challenge and drop them close by. Start the challenge then immediately quit out. This spawns all the massagers in the mall, allowing you to locate where they will appear and map out a plan for collecting them. Once you're ready, fill your inventory with them and begin the challenge as described above.


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