Stand Up Zomedy is a Terror is Reality event in Dead Rising 2's multiplayer mode. Players have to put three kinds of comedy items on the zombies in the arena.

The items are:

  • A version of the Stick Pony
  • Flowerpot Hat
  • Pretty Dress

There are six dispensers, two for each item. Putting any object on a zombie grants 400 points. Putting all three items on a zombie grants 1500 points.

Players can get a combo breaker bonus by putting a third object on a zombie which wears two items from another player.


  • The PC game files call this game "stickit" (stick it).
    • The tutu is called stickin_painting
    • The stick pony is called StickIt_PonyOnStick
    • The flowed is called stickit_ServbotMask[1]



  1. data/datafile.big/gs_stickit.txt

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