The Soldier of Fortune Skills Pack is downloadable clothing found in Dead Rising 2. In Off the Record the clothing pieces are spread throughout Fortune City.


This clothing allows Chuck to:sneak into a ninja camp

without being seen 

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  1. double ammo,
  2. increased shooting accuracy,
  3. increased damage, and
  4. better headshot accuracy.[1]


The outfit consists of four pieces of clothing. In Off the Record the clothing pieces are spread throughout Fortune City.

Clothing Description Off the Record location
Dead island soldier goggles
Locker Soldier Goggles
Soldier Goggles Night vision goggles with a dead battery Moe's Maginations - $2,000,000 to buy.
Locker Soldier Boots
Soldier Boots Standard issue combat boots Located in a box in the vacant store to the right of the Ultimate Playhouse at South Plaza's west end.[2]
Locker Soldier Shirt
Soldier Clothes For those who don't have time to bleed Complete the Save the Girl...Again Achievement/Trophy - Save Rebecca from Dwight Boykin
Locker Soldier Face
Soldier Facepaint Blend in with the surrounding flora Palisades Mall, Shanks

Skills PackEdit

v · d · e Skills packs are downloadable costumes which can be found in the Safe House bathroom Clothing Locker.

For Dead Rising 2, the Ninja, Psychopath, Solider of Fortune, and Sports costumes were first offered as pre-order bonuses. After October 12, 2010 a player could purchase these Dead Rising 2 costumes. These costumes can be used during co-op.[1][3][4] Off the Record separates these four costume's parts and scatters them throughout Fortune City for Frank to find or for Frank to earn.

For Off the Record, the Cosplay Warrior costume was announced as a pre-order bonus on July 21, 2011. The Cyborg, Fire Fighter, and Barbecue Chef were not offered as pre-order bonuses, they are downloadable content.


Dead rising soldier of fortune chuck greene 778-688-6581 LA CA USMC
  • The dog tags say: Chuck Greene 778-688-6581 LA CA USMC. USMC is the United States Marine Corps. 778 is an area code for the Canadian province of British Columbia. Blue Castle Games developer of Dead Rising 2, is located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. The number is not a working telephone number and has not been assigned. Actual dog tags are different, with the persons nine digit social security number on the tag, and other differences.[18]
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the Soldier outfit is automatically available within the game, though the four pieces of it must first be found.
  • The Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Official Strategy Guide incorrectly states that the item is called night vision goggles. The guide names Moe's the Platinum Strip Pawnshop.



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