Snowball Cannon
Dead rising Snowball Cannon
Type Combo Weapon/Firearm
Description Fire multiple snowballs at once towards enemies.
Uses 40
Strength Great
Speed Medium
Location Palisades Mall
Fits in Inventory Yes
" Fire multiple snowballs at once towards enemies."
—Combo Card Description
For the Snow Job weapon used by Evan, see Stilts Snowball Cannon

The Snowball Cannon is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case West. It is created by combining a fire extinguisher with a water gun.

This formerly harmless Water Gun will now shoot streams of ice, freezing zombies into ice, similar to the Fire Extinguisher. Chuck then can proceed to take out any blunt device, and smash them into shards.

One shot will freeze any zombie, another shot is required to shatter them. This weapon does not effect Psychopaths.[Verification needed]

This combo weapon has been described as:

"A water gun which has been modified to fire blasts of ice, freezing zombies in place. You can then pull a "Demolition Man" and smash them to pieces."[1]

Attacks and Combo CardEdit

Combo CardEdit

Weapon component locationsEdit

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons needed to make the Snowball Cannon.

Fire Extinguisher
Dead rising Fire Extinguisher (Dead Rising 2)

Location icon See article Water Gun
Dead rising Water Gun (Dead Rising 2)
Location icon See article

Case West weapon component locationsEdit

Case West locations of weapons needed to make the Snowball Cannon.[2]

ComponentLocationSpecific location and instructionsPicture
Fire Extinguisher
Dead rising Fire Extinguisher (Dead Rising 2)
Shipping Office The Fire Extinguisher is found just outside the locker room in the Shipping Office.
Case west freezer bomb fire extinguisher location
Water Gun
Dead rising Water Gun (Dead Rising 2)
Loading Bay The pen directly to the left of the Loading Bay “Security Outpost” entrance contains the Water Gun.

The Water Gun is found in the Holding Pens area by following the orange road from the Loading Bay to the door labeled “Security Outpost.”

Case west flamethrower water gun location

Notes Edit

  • One shot from this weapon will freeze any zombie solid (even gas zombies are stopped cold). However, a second shot is required to shatter them.
  • Unlike most combo weapons, kills with this weapon get the same number of PP (200, modified by magazines) whether or not Chuck has the combo card.
  • In Dead Rising 2, kicking or otherwise striking a zombie frozen by this weapon will cause it to shatter, but no PP will be awarded for the kill.
  • Neither of the glitches mentioned above occur in Off the Record: post-combo card kills are awarded 400 PP, and the PP bonus is awarded for striking frozen zombies. This, plus its increased effectiveness against psychopaths, makes the Snowball Cannon a far more formidable weapon in Off the Record.
  • This weapon does not work against Psychopaths. Against looters or mercenaries, it will not cause them to freeze, but enough hits will neutralize them.
  • Whenever this is shot at a zombie, any nearby glass will shatter, even if the zombie is nowhere near the glass.
  • In Off the Record, you obtain this Combo Card after defeating Evan MacIntyre, and it is relatively effective against other psychopaths.
  • The Snowball Cannon you get from Evan MacIntyre in Off the Record is NOT affected by the combo card. Meaning you will not get 400PP per kill with it, only 220 PP is awarded per kill.



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