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Sniper Rifle (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Sniper Rifle
Type Firearm
Uses 30 shots
Location Huntin' Shack
Hall Family
Dead Rising
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The sniper rifle is a Dead Rising weapon useful for killing psychopaths, as it is ideal for shooting long distances. This gun is preferred for psychopaths rather than zombies, because zombies are fairly easy to kill with any weapon, whereas the sniper rifle only shoots one bullet at a time.


Hold down Tright to access the scope, and then use B and Abutton to zoom in and out, X fires.


  • Survivors cannot equip this gun.
    • The Hall Family are the only survivors that wield this firearm.
  • The first Carlito encounter is easily completed when using this gun.
  • After a shot is fired, the shell is ejected before Frank pulls the bolt back.
  • Sometimes, if a survivor is shot in the head with the sniper rifle, it will instantly kill them regardless of how much health they have. This is also the case for the shotgun.


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