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Slicecycle (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Slicecycle
Type Combo Bike
How to Make Dirtbike + Chainsaw
Uses 1000 hits
Strength Great
Speed Fast
Location Platinum Strip
PP 20
Fits in Inventory No

For the Terror is Reality event, see Slicecycles, for a complete list of motorbike modifications see Motorbike.

The Slicecycle (Dead Rising 2) also known as a Chainsaw Bike is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2. It can be crafted after the Meet the Contestants mission unlocks the use of Leon's trailer by combining a Dirtbike with a Chainsaw.

The Slicecycle is maybe the most dangerous weapon in the game, due to its superior strength and attack speed, with its durability. The Slicecycle is a simple design of a motorcycle and two chainsaws attached to the handlebars of the motorcycle.

It is a standard motorcycle, with the useful addition of two chainsaw blades acting like wings on either side, slicing anything that Chuck drives into.[1]

Combo vehicles require that Chuck unlock the motorcycle trailer. This can be accomplished by defeating Leon Bell in the mission, Meet the Contestants.

Chuck can find a chainsaw in the Kid's Choice Clothing in the mall or outside by the stage.




TIR motorcycle
  • The official guide calls this bike a "Chain Saw Bike" and calls the Terror is Reality event bikes Slicecycles.[2]
  • According to Tape it or Die Wallace Hertzog, the Terror is Reality slicecycle pictured here is a "fully-modified IJIEK 772c Racing Bike (Second-Half 2004 Model), reverse-engineered to incorporate a low center of gravity (LCG) muffler design, a sixteen-valve, 4-stroke, DOHC engine, and, of course, a twin pair of chainsaws and 4 radial blades, attached to a separate engine located within the front fairing."[3]
  • A non-improvised version is used in the TiR event of Slicecycles.
  • Even though one chainsaw and a motorbike is needed, the finished model has two chainsaws.
  • Using the slicecycle is one of the ways to get the Z-Genocider 2 and Zombie Genocide Master achievements.
  • The bike can kill about 1000 zombies before breaking, unless Chuck crashes, in which case the possible kill count is lower.


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