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Skateboard (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Skateboard
Type Vehicle
Uses 4
Strength Weak
Location Palisades Mall
Royal Flush Plaza
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Skateboard is a weapon and a form of transportation in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It can be used to travel certain distances faster, or just to knock down zombies while riding. However, it is recommended that Chuck/Frank avoid zombies if he is using a Skateboard for travel, as it breaks after only 4 hits.

Dead rising Skateboarding (Dead Rising 2) Having the Stunt Devil Skateboarding magazine will allow Chuck/Frank to do the ollie maneuver (jump) while riding.[1] The ollie is a skateboarding trick where Chuck/Frank and the board leap into the air without the use of the rider's hands. See photo below.

Magazine location:


Dead rising skateboard main
*Main: Tap X/Square to ride the Skateboard.


  • Unlike Dead Rising, there is only has one skateboard design in Dead Rising 2.

Locations in game filesEdit

Source: items.txt.



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