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Shopping Cart (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Shopping Cart
Type Vehicle
Uses 45 hits
Location Willamette Parkview Mall
Maintenance Tunnels
Dead Rising
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The Shopping Cart is a weapon in Dead Rising.

Dead rising shopping cart zombie (5)
Shopping carts are often pushed by a fat zombie woman in pink, or a fat woman zombie who has a bandage over her eye and looks like dead survivor Kathy Peterson.

Like the zombie man pushing the large propane tank, these zombies are unable to attack any of the survivors, but may push towards Frank and block his way.

Picking UpEdit

The Weapon Cart and shopping Cart can be picked up three ways:

  1. The cart can be picked up if Frank leaves one area of the mall pushing the cart and the load screen appears. When the new screen is loaded, Frank will be holding the cart instead of pushing it.
  2. The cart can be picked up after Frank kicks the cart.
  3. The cart can be picked up if it is pushed off balance or tipped on its side other ways other than kicking. The most difficult way is to hit the cart and push the cart off balance, with a light damage weapon. This is difficult to do and Frank may destroy the cart.[1]

Frank can kick the cart by pressing Abutton while he is pushing or holding onto the cart. The cart can be used to ram into groups of zombies with incredible speed. It can also be thrown. The cart cannot be used by survivors. Like other heavy items the player will drop the item if switching weapons or attacked.


  • Every time Frank enters a different area of the mall with the shopping cart, he will be holding it instead of pushing it.
  • When a shopping cart's durability has been used up while pushing it around, instead of breaking like most weapons, Frank will simply stop moving and the shopping cart disappears.
  • The shopping cart can also be useful for barricading store entrances.
  • The shopping cart is useful in the maintenance tunnels if Frank does not have a car because it is very common and it has the ability to run over zombies rather than pushing them aside.



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