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Shoal Nightclub /import is a Yucatan Casino nightclub in Dead Rising 2 within the Yucatan Casino. Case 4-1: The Source, where Rebecca Chang is taken hostage by The Twins takes place here.

The club serves mixed drinks and other alcoholic beverages. There is also a Shotgun located behind the counter directly opposite the double doors leading into the nightclub.

In Case 4-1: The Source Chuck Greene enters the empty night club. Crystal enters and throws a glass by his feet, taunting him about being framed for starting the zombie outbreak. Chuck accuses her of helping Tyrone King frame him. Amber emerges with a tied up Rebecca Chang and replies that they're just survivors trying to win big. Chuck emphatically exclaims that the outbreak will kill thousands of people, to which the twins reply that bragging doesn't suit him, and they always saw him as the silent type. Lifting their blades, they attack Chuck.


  • Description on the map page: Feel the beat of the music driving your every move in the newly opened Shoal Nightclub. We've got the lowest cover charge in the state, and the best DJ's in Fortune City.
  • A shoal is a sandbar.[1]



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