Sharon Riesinger
Dead rising sharon bust
Age 22
Status Alive
Notebook Number 09
Notebook Description Recovering from more than a nasty hangover. Found in the Quarantine Camp.
Location Quarantine Zone
Scoop(s) The Morning After
PP 1,500 (Join)
3,500 (Escort)

"Oh please can I have it? I just want to be back with my friends. That would make up for that lousy stagette!"
—Sharon, upon meeting Chuck

Sharon Riesinger is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

She is found in the Quarantine Zone during the mission The Morning After. She has been bitten by a zombie before arriving at the Quarantine Zone in Still Creek, and requires Zombrex.

The Morning AfterEdit

Sharon is a hungover partygoer trapped in Still Creek, and is the future sister-in-law of Tia Hernandaz. After being bitten by a dancer at her stagette during her trip to Las Vegas with her friends, Nikki Valentino and Tia Hernandaz, they flee to Still Creek only to be taken away by the military stationed in town. They send her to the Quarantine Zone and turn her friends away. Nikki and Tia informed Chuck of Sharon's whereabouts during the Still Creek outbreak.

Chuck finds an injured Sharon in a tent at the military settlement, begging for Zombrex so she doesn't turn. Once she administers the shot to herself, she will follow Chuck to the Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley, where her friends await. Once the three women are together, they are brought to the barricaded Brockett Gas Station.



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