Scare King
Scare King Maniac DR4
Job Elementary School Teacher
Status Deceased

"'tis said that death once stalked the hills: a man accused of most gruesome kills. Now his soul lives on, as does his thirst to rend-his darling presence heralding Willamette's end!"
—Scare King taunting Frank

The Scare King (real name unknown) is one of the optional Maniac boss fights in Dead Rising 4. Frank can find his outfit around the farming areas in West Ridge. His weapon is the Raining Nails.

Frank encounters the Scare King in a barn, which suddenly bursts into flames before several men with sacks on their heads attack him. Frank must fight these men before the Scare King himself. After defeating him, Paula calls and informs him that the Scare King was actually the elementary school drama teacher.


  • The Scare King is similar to Sadistic Claus, in that both set a trap specifically for Frank. However, whereas he thought Frank came to Willamette to cover the story (regardless of what happens), The Scare King seems to think Frank himself brings zombies wherever he goes, and thus brought Willamette to it's end.
    • This makes him similar to Slappy's portrayal in Off the Record, where he assumed Frank just brought zombies to Fortune city to take pictures.
    • This would mean that he remembers Frank was involved with the 2006 Outbreak - which means he could be a survivor.
  • The costume found where you fight the Scare King looks strikingly similar to the costume worn by Jason Voorhees in the sequel to the classic 1980 movie "Friday the 13th".
    • Frank can put on this outfit, as both the Pumpkin and the Scarecrow outfit are in the barn's general area.
  • The Scare King is the only Maniac who is given some level of a confirmed backstory - that being he was an elementary school drama teacher.
    • To spectulate a little on this, it's quite possible that "The Scare King" was actually a character from a play of his.
  • Not including James (the Lieutenant), The Scare King is the only Maniac to wield a ranged weapon - a Fire Starter. On top of that, he's the only Maniac who drops a second weapon when killed (a free Raining Nails)
  • The Scare King (and his followers) are immune to any fire-based attacks. Weapons like the Raining Nails or Molotovs (which are usually effective against human enemies) have no effect on him. As such, this is generally considered the hardest Maniac fight in the game.
  • Scare King, Drama Instructor, said that just like Scooby Doo TV series, so he said,"I would have gotten away with this, if it weren't for you meddling journalists." Instead of "meddling kids."
    • That said, this actually contradicts his previous line "YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY SOUL!" which when put with his opening speech implies he thinks Frank is here to end life in Willamette.
  • The name "Scare King" is a play on "Scare Crow" and likely a reference to how he has "Scarecrows" and his beck and call.


Credit to Xbox Live user GOSEIRED for high quality screenshot.