Scaffolding Shuffle is a single-player Sandbox Challenge in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

Location: South Plaza, near the entrance to Arena.

Prerequisites: 3,500 kills

Mission: Get to the top of the scaffolding in the middle of South Plaza as fast as you can!


  • Gold (0:45)
  • Silver (1:00)
  • Bronze (1:30)


  • Gold: $25,000
  • Silver: $10,000
  • Bronze: $5,000


  • The quickstep drink is essential for this challenge in order to achieve the Gold medal. The race can be quite difficult. Large crowds of zombies will spawn on your way. To avoid the first zombie mob, climb up to the scaffolding left of passage. To avoid the others simply run around of them and climb up towards the finish.
  • The utility truck that spawns near the challenge's start can also be used, though make sure to pick up the Driving magazine, as the sheer number of zombies will almost invariably destroy the truck before reaching the scaffolding.

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