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Saw Blade (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Saw Blade
Type Melee and throwing
Uses 60 hits
Location Tool Boxes
Dead Rising
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The Saw Blade is a weapon in Dead Rising. It can be found around the mall alone, but also after breaking a tool box.

It is thrown similar to the Rat saucer (Frisbee), and can also be retrieved after it has been thrown.

It is an extremely powerful weapon with both very high durability and damage together with speed. Thrown like a Shuriken throwing star, the saw blade will dismember the body part of any zombie it comes in contact with, typically a limb or its head. With careful aim, the saw blade can easily take off a zombie's head.

It is useful with the Double Lariat skill when fighting off large amounts of zombies because Frank throws it after finishing the skill. Its durability can be increased with the Engineering and Criminal Biography magazines.

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