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This article is from a game that is considered to be non-canon.

Sandbox Mode is the new mode added in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, replacing the Terror Is Reality mode from Dead Rising 2. It involves Frank completing challenges, freely killing zombies, or gaining money.


Similar to Infinity Mode from the original Dead Rising, the mode removes the time limit, however, without the health drain and item restrictions. Instead, the player is free to do whatever he or she desires, be it levelling up and saving cash, or testing out every weapon possible and aiming for creative kills.

In the intro, Frank West is seen sitting in a helicopter. The pilot asks him if he's working on his next big scoop. Frank responds with "No way, pal. I'm not here for work. This... is my vacation!" as Frank jumps off the helicopter and lands on the roof of the Atlantica Casino.

The player is also offered to try out the various challenges around Fortune City. Challenges can vary from simple zombie killing in a set amount of time to collecting as many Massagers as possible. Better performances are rewarded with more cash, as well as Combo Cards, with the best times posted on the Online Leaderboards. In total, with 30 Solo and 30 Co-Op challenges each, there are 60 challenges to compete in.


Promotional artwork for Sandbox Mode

Unlike Infinity Mode from Dead Rising, the Camera and Watch can both be freely used, the watch used only for checking the time, key for survivor spawning and cinema watching, and the camera is used for gaining PP.

Additionally, crazed survivors roam Fortune City, who will attack the player once in range. Compared to Story Mode, the survivors are stronger, and are capable of killing Frank if the player is not careful. Killing them rewards the player with their weapon and money.


Psychopaths that can be enountered during sandbox mode are:

They can be found where they are encountered in story mode.


Hostile Survivors that can be enountered during sandbox mode are:


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