Sam (Dead Rising 3)
Location Dead Rising 3
Los Perdidos Bridge
The Last Agent
Central City

Sam is a stranded survivor encountered during Chapter 5 in Dead Rising 3.

She can be found with Kellen and Kristin stranded on the Los Perdidos Bridge. This group will only appear after Nick has returned Diego to the warehouse during Chapter 5.

A good time to rescue this group is while Nick waits for Rhonda to do research on the missing plane parts. He can travel across the bridge and rescue the group before making his way back to Central City.

In The Last Agent DLC, Sam can be found on a military vehicle in front of the Wrench-O-Rama in Central City. She appears after Brad retrieves the Chemical Van. Once saved, some PP will be rewarded and she'll run to a more secure area.


  • She shares a character model with Mila.


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