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"The winter is deadly, it bites to the bone. Poor Frank has been naughty, and now he's alone."
—Sadistic Claus when encountering Frank
Sadistic Claus DR4

Sadistic Claus (real name unknown) is a maniac in Dead Rising 4.

He is a mall worker/employee dressed as Santa Claus. He will attack Frank when he goes to investigate the Christmas Tree Lot. He will first send waves of elves to attack Frank before he comes out and attacks. When killed, he drops the Electric Axe.


  • Judging from the name "Sadistic", he might have gone insane because of the deaths of all the people in the mall similar to Brandon Whittaker from Dead Rising 2, who went insane after seeing the deaths of his friends from CURE.
  • He is similar in behavior to Adam MacIntyre, a psychopath from the original Dead Rising, as not only are both men employed inside of the mall at the time of their respective outbreaks, they also both went insane due to the horrors of seeing their co-workers and others being devoured by the undead. Before Adam's descent into madness, he worked as a clown and entertained children. Before the outbreak in DR4, Sadistic Claus also had to entertain children.
  • His insult about kissing Frank's mother is a reference to the Christmas song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus."
  • His dialogue implies that he is under the delusion that he is Santa Claus.


Credit to Xbox Live user GOSEIRED for high quality screenshot.

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