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Royal Flush Plaza
Royal Flush Plaza
Number of Stores 34
Survivor(s) Denyce Calloway
Gordon Dawkins
LaShawndra Dawkins
Luz Palmer
Jared Davis
Esther Alwin
Bessie Kent
Rosa Collins
Erica Mayes
Psychopath(s) Carl Schliff
Johnny James (Rooftop)
Scoop(s) Short Sighted
Mail Order Zombrex
Once Bitten
Par for the Course
Shopping Spree
Happily Ever After... Sort Of

"Take a break from the gambling and excitement to visit Royal Flush Plaza. With this many stores and so much to see, you'll be sure to have the perfect day out"
—Fortune City Map

The Royal Flush Plaza is one of the areas found in Fortune City. It is a shopping mall area adjacent to the Americana Casino, the Safe House, the Fortune Park and the Slot Ranch Casino. It has an oversized craps table which you can roll large dice on, and you can get a PP bonus if you roll a seven. According to the Fortune City website, it is described as the shopping mecca of the Platinum Strip, you'll never be short of something to spend your winnings on. It is also the location for where the Shelter's vent system comes out to, similar to the Warehouse in the first game.

For $500,000 ($450,000 with one bargaining book, $400,000 with two) the player may purchase the keys to a sports car from the pawn shop. The car itself is parked by the doors to Fortune Park on a stand. It can be driven through Royal Flush Plaza, Slot Ranch Casino and the Food Court.

Near the center of the Royal Flush Plaza is a giant novelty craps table, with a marquee reading 'Flamin' Craps'. If Chuck picks up one of the Giant Dice and tosses it, he can earn 10,000PP if the total comes up to seven.

On the second floor next to Players is a telephone booth. If Frank jumps on top of it he can continue jumping on top of roofs until he reaches a room with windows. This room has a sniper rifle, steak, a poker table two card board boxes. If he goes back onto the roof he can jump onto a balloon with a giant stuffed bunny and three sticks of Dynamite.


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  • Several pieces of music from the Willamette Parkview Mall can be heard in this plaza.
  • Royal Flush is the name given to a hand in poker, consisting of; 10, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace.


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