Restrooms (Dead Rising 2)
Restroms (Dead Rising 2)
Survivor(s) Vikki Taylor
Psychopath(s) Brandon Whittaker
Scoop(s) Chuck the Role Model
Case 2-2: A Familiar Face
"To save your game, visit a bathroom and relieve yourself."
—Game instructions

Restrooms can be found throughout Fortune City in Dead Rising 2.

Each restroom has a bathroom for men and a bathroom for women (Except the ones at Fortune Park and the Underground). Restrooms serve two important purposes: they allow Chuck to save his progress and are a secret shortcut connecting Palisades Mall to Royal Flush Plaza.


Location Description
Dead rising Americana Casino restroom
Americana Casino

Here Chuck fights the psychopath Brandon Whittaker and rescues Vikki Taylor during the mission Chuck the Role Model.

Fortune City Arena

Can be used only in the Introduction

Dead rising restroom fortune park
Fortune Park

Found in the middle of the park, close to the Maintenance Room.

Palisades Mall

Found on the second floor.

Dead rising restroom royal flush plaza
Royal Flush Plaza If Chuck has completed the mission "Linette's Passage", he will find a shortcut to Brand New U here.
Safe House

Here Chuck can find a locker with all the unlockable clothes that he has earned.

Dead rising restroom slot ranch casino
Slot Ranch Casino

Near the stage where Bibi Love is found.

Dead rising south plaza bathrooms
South Plaza

Near to where Seymour Redding is found.


In the warehouse beneath Palisades Mall.

Dead rising restroom yucatan casino
Yucatan Casino

Chuck can find the Freedom Bear combo card here.

Uranus Zone

Next to Uranus Zone Stage and in front of Rockets Red Glare (U110)

Uranus Zone

Frank fights here with Brandon Whittaker in Off The Record during the mission Case 2-2: A Familiar Face.


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