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Restaurant Man
Restaurant Man barricade
Location Jill's Sandwiches
Start Time September 20th, 11AM
Expires September 20th, 4PM
Survivors Ronald Shiner
PP 15,000 (Join)

30,000 (Escort)

"I just saw someone in the sandwich shop in Paradise Plaza. Looked pretty overweight from what I saw in the monitor. He's not just goin' there to get food is he?"
Otis Washington

Restaurant Man is a scoop in Dead Rising.

Frank finds a boarded up sandwich shop in Paradise Plaza around noon on the second day. A hungry survivor, Ronald Shiner, had barricaded himself in the store, and is desperately looking for food.


Frank West makes his way to Jill's Sandwiches in the Paradise Plaza to find that the store entrance has been completely barricaded by plywood panels.

After entering the store, Frank discovers Ronald Shiner, who claims he is starving to death, and begs Frank to share some food with him.

After Frank gives him some food, he is able to persuade Ronald to follow him to the Security Room by telling him that they have food there.


  • Completing this scoop and rescuing Ronald Shiner will allow Frank to take on another scoop, Ronald's Appetite.
  • After Ronald is given food, he will burp. This is a Photo Op, so Frank should take his photo.
  • No food is found in Jill's Sandwiches during the scoop, and after it is activated, food will no longer appear in the store.
  • In Chop Till You Drop, after his initial feeding, Ronald will run to Colombian Roastmasters, and ask Frank to find him a Well Done Steak, which can be found on the counter. After which, Ronald will join and follow Frank.


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