Remotely Helpful
Remotely Helpful 2
Location Mayor's Mansion
Psychopath(s) Theodore Lagerfeld Jr.
PP 40,000
"Hey, Nick. Kinda looks like someone's alive in that big mansion by Big Buck's in Sunset."
Jamie Flynt

Remotely Helpful is a side mission and psychopath battle in Dead Rising 3. In this mission, Nick will have to battle Theodore "Teddy" Lagerfeld Junior.

It can be activated during Chapter 5 after Nick brings Diego back to the plane. 


Nick enters the Mayor's Mansion to find it seemingly deserted, when, suddenly, Theodore appears on a gigantic television screen, and, thinking Nick is from 'the service', orders Nick to fetch him some batteries for his remote and a bag of chips. Nick asks for Theodore's key to the armory, but being lazy instead of helping, Theodore sends remote-controlled helicopters with mounted guns out to battle him instead of directly confronting Nick in battle. Nick must find where Theodore is hiding, and then smash all four security panels to open the door so Nick can gain access to him. However, in a rather anti-climatic twist, Theodore dies of a heart attack, probably due to his poor diet and excessive sedentary lifestyle, as Nick approaches him, letting loose a long fart. With Teddy no longer a problem, Nick successfully retrieves the key to the armory.

Completing this mission and defeating Theodore will unlock the Slothful achievement.

Mission DialogueEdit

Battle StyleEdit

  • Theodore will send out a seemingly infinite amount of remote-controlled helicopters to attack Nick/Dick as they wander through his mansion. These helicopters can shoot at the heroes if given the chance, (much like the Scout Bots from Dead Rising) and there's nowhere in the mansion they can't reach. However, they can be taken out with about two or three hits with any weapon.
  • Theodore himself won't actually do anything to harm you, but he will continually moan over the intercom system as long as you're in his house.
  • Zombies continually enter the house and slowly fill up the mansion.
  • If the player quickly destroys all the power boxes to get to Teddy there will not be so many helicopters and zombies around the mansion. However if the player were to take their time, more zombies and helicopters would fill up the mansion, making it tougher.