Rat Stick
Dead rising Rat Stick
Type Melee
Uses 20 hits
Location Colby's Movieland
Dead Rising
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The Rat Stick is a weapon in Dead Rising found in the gift shop of Colby's Movieland. The rat stick is a Ratman branded toy wand that was sold alongside the rat saucer to tie in with the release of the Ratman movie.

Its durability can be increased with the Hobby book.


Primary: Push X. Unlike the Toy Laser Sword, when a zombie is beat with a Rat Stick, it does not fall down. It is one of the weakest weapons in the game when used as a melee weapon.

Thrown: (Hold Tright and press X): It can be thrown by holding down the Righttrigger and pressing the 360 X button button. It is extremely lethal as a throwing weapon, killing every zombie, including the strongest cop zombie, when thrown. Similar to a push broom and lead pipe, when thrown this toy is impaled in the zombie for two to three seconds and temporarily pushes back the zombie. In those few seconds the zombie can still attack. The zombie then collapses dead, giving Frank a 30 prestige point bonus. This toy lasts 20 times thrown also.


  • The Mega Buster toy is twice as strong as the Toy Laser Sword and Rat Stick. If Frank shoots a thin lady zombie at level one, it takes only 4 hits with the mega buster to kill the woman, but 8 hits with the Toy Laser Sword and Rat Stick.
  • If Frank is grabbed and attacked by a zombie while the rat stick is impaled in the zombie, after Frank pushes the zombie away, the rat stick will drop and the zombie will still be animated.
  • The amount of time the zombie stays standing is dependent on Frank's level and the endurance of the zombie. At level one the Zombie drops dead after three seconds, at level 50 the zombie drops dead after two seconds.


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