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Dead rising Randomizer (Dead Rising 2) (2)
Type Food
Health Health Health Health Health Health Health
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Dead Rising Food

Randomizer is a black mixed juice that will cause Frank or Chuck to have unavoidable stomach pains for at least two minutes.

When one of them experiences a stomachache, they will drop their current weapon and be vulnerable to zombie attacks. The randomizer also has a chance to randomly give you the effect of another drink instead of stomach pains; however, it is very rare.


Dead Rising

Dead Rising 2


  • The randomizer is the only drink that heals 6 blocks of health and gives stomach pains together.
  • In Dead Rising 2 if two Randomizers are combined with each other it will result in a Quickstep.
  • The Sports Fan skill pack does not prevent the stomach pains associated with the Randomizer.
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