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Pylon (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising Pylon (Dead Rising 2)
Type Melee
Uses 30
Strength Joke
Location Still Creek
Fortune City

The Pylon is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

Appearing as an orange plastic traffic marker with reflective tape, the pylon serves to disarm a single zombie by covering its head. The pylon can be combined with any color of spray paint to create the Air Horn combo weapon.


Dead rising pylon main
  • Main: Tap X/Square to shove the pylon onto a zombie's head.


Case ZeroEdit

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Click show.

Click on each group of pylons to see a screen shot of the location.

Click on each store to go to the store page.

Next to the Still Creek Movie Theater

Dead rising case 0 map pylon

In the traffic jam next to Quarantine Zone

Dead rising case 0 map pylon 2

Quarantine Zone fence

Dead rising case 0 map pylon 3

Dead Rising 2Edit

  1. Americana Casino
  2. Fortune City Arena Main Floor
  3. Fortune City Hotel
  4. Platinum Strip Cinema Rooftop
  5. Royal Flush Plaza
  6. Safe House
  7. Silver Strip
  8. South Plaza
  9. Secret Lab
  10. Underground Warehouse A
  11. Underground Warehouse C
  12. Underground Warehouse E


  • Chuck only uses one hand when attacking with the pylon. Most incapacitation weapons Chuck uses two hands.


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