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Propane Tank (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Propane Tank
Type Melee
Uses 20 hits (small)
30 hits (large)
Location McHandy's Hardware
Crislip's Home Saloon
Colby's Movieland
Leisure Park
North Plaza
Dead Rising
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The Propane Tank is a weapon in Dead Rising.

It is the most explosive weapon in Dead Rising. It is incredibly slow and does little damage as a melee weapon. There are two two variants, a stubby white tank and a green cylindrical tank which is pushed by zombies with a dolly.

The small gas tank is filled with explosive propane that can be found in Leisure Park near the benches. The other version is a larger tank on a trolley, pushed around by male zombies in North Plaza, the maintenance tunnels, and sometimes the Entrance Plaza.

Dead rising propane tank explosion
It is meant to be picked up and moved around, then placed or thrown into an advantageous spot, where Frank can then shoot the tank, causing it to explode, causing massive damage in a large radius.

Excessive physical attacks and shots from the Special Forces may cause the tank to explode, so take caution when lunging at zombies. The propane tank can also hurt Frank if he is caught in the explosion.


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