Professional Photography
DR2 CW 02 Professional Photography
Description You took a picture of all the PP Stickers. You've got a good eye.
Trophy/Points Value 20 G

Professional Photography is a achievement in Dead Rising 2: Case West. The achievement is award once all 10 Prestige Point (PP) stickers photos are taken in a single play through. Each picture of a PP sticker will award 1,000 PP. After photographing all 10 stickers, Chuck will receive a 10,000 PP bonus.

PP StickersEdit

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Photo Location
First PP Sticker First PP sticker is on the blue Phenotrans cargo crate in the Loading Bay.

After Chuck and Frank drop from the red metal container in the prologue, this PP sticker will be on the side of the first blue container off to the right. Climb up on the raised area and the sticker will be on the middle of the blue container.[1]

CaseWest 03 Second PP sticker is located in the Storage Bay, on the wall directly to the right when leaving the Loading Bay. It is on the yellow "Keep 'em moving!" sign.
Dead rising 2 case west (5) Third PP sticker is located on the map of the Phenotrans Facility posted on the wall of the Security Outpost, by the lounge chairs.
Fourth PP Sticker Fourth PP sticker is located on the large machine center in the Harvesting Room. Stand on the second level, where Allie Jack can be found and take the picture.
CaseWest 05 Fifth PP sticker is located on the machine center in the Refrigerated Containment lab.
Sixth PP Sticker Sixth PP sticker is located in the Zombrex Research Lab, on the chemical dispenser labeled "G274".
Seventh PP Sticker Seventh PP sticker is located on the Queens Storage tank on the catwalks above the Research Laboratory.
Eighth PP Sticker Eight PP sticker is located on the Zombrex posters in the Recreation Room.
Dead rising pp A8 texas
Dead rising pp A8 texas map and Security Boots
Ninth PP sticker is located in Living Quarters A8, on the map of a Confederated-colored Texas.
Tenth PP Sticker Tenth PP sticker is located on the Tiki in the lounge above Jerry Sampson's room.


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