Portable Stereo
Type Electronic
Awesomeness 4
Strength Low
Health 1000
Durability Normal
Location See article
Survivor Weapon Yes
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Portable Stereo is an electronic weapon in Dead Rising 3 that can be used to make many different combo weapons.

It can combined with a Freedom Bear to create the Cuddly Bear, with a Pushy Bear to create the Decoy Bear, with a Boom Bear to create the Provoked Bear, with a Volatile Bear to create the Grisly Bear, with a Power Shout to create the Super Shout or with an Electric Shout to create the Ultimate Shout.



  • Melee: Pressing 360 X button will execute various weak swings with the stereo.
  • Music: Pressing Ybutton makes the player put down the portable stereo and turn on music. It has no combat advantages.

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