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Pole Weapon (Dead Rising 2)
Pole Weapon
Type Combo Weapon
Description The slicing power of a razor sharp machete now comes on a stick!
How to Make Push Broom + Machete
Uses 50
Strength Great
Speed Fast
Location Fortune City
PP 100/50 (150 Spinning Attack)
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Pole Weapon is a combo weapon that appears in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is a make-shift glaive made out of a push broom and a machete.


  • Primary: Tap 360 X button to perform a single swing capable of dismembering and bisecting zombies. Awards 100PP for every kill. (50PP without a Combo Card.)
  • Secondary: Hold 360 X button to perform a spin attack, effectively killing any surrounding zombies. This attack makes two complete 360-degree swings. Awards 150PP for every kill; this attack cannot be performed without a Combo Card.
  • Thrown: Hold Ltrigger and tap 360 X button or Righttrigger to hurl the Pole Weapon like a spear, impaling a single zombie.


  • While the machete does not bisect any zombies, the Pole Weapon does.
  • While the Pole Weapon can also be created by combining a Machete with a Broom Handle, the weapon will still look the same, with a new broom head attached.
  • Because Shanks (the only store that has unlimited machetes) is on the other side of Fortune City from the Safe House, it is not as easy to make as some of the other combo weapons in Dead Rising 2. Opening the shortcut provides quicker access to the knife store.
  • It is possible to obtain one in the Royal Flush Plaza, however: the push broom can be found near the maintainence room by the safe house, and a lone machete can be found in Albert's Apparel. Also, RF Plaza's pawn shop sells pre-assembled Pole Weapons.
  • Both components are found together by the maintainence room outside the arena security office, and also in the maintainence room behind Hot Excitorama.
  • The weapon's appearance and mode of use greatly resemble both the Japanese naginata, often used by samurai warriors, and the Chinese guan dao, used by the famous Ancient Chinese warrior Guan Yu.
  • The Pole Weapon could have been inspired by the "Spear" from Resident Evil Outbreak which is made by playing as David and combing the Chef Knife and the Wooden Pole.


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